I'm a Jamaican living in Seattle.  I love the NW but the hardest part of living here is being so far away from my family.  So I travel, as much as I can.  I have two amazing and beautiful children so my love for photography has been a blessing.    

Holding a print in my hands is important to me.  It reminds me of how much I enjoy sitting with family looking at my dads old slides and photographs - the best part are the stories that follow.  I was eleven when I lost my dad and our last family picture was taken when I was around six years old..  I don't want it to be that way for other families.  I want to help you document this special time in your life.  I want your kids and their kids to enjoy the stories and to hold onto the memories that you share.  

In a nut shell, I'm Phillipa Sara and I'm a PortraitLifestyle Photographer and I believe that photography is a beautiful art that can document and capture the stories we tell everyday.  Let me tell your story!  

206.850.1311  | photo@phillipasara.com | phillipasara_photographer

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