I believe in community and I believe that we can all help to strengthen and build the communities that we live in, the ones we pass through and the ones we are touched by through conversation.  I believe we have the power as individuals to make a change. Growing up in Jamaica, a small third world country in the Caribbean, I learnt from an early age the value of volunteering and the importance of giving back. We are all impacted by something that needs change, let's not just sit by and talk about it, let's actually do something and take action.  Whether large or small we all have the power to "pay it forward".  

Here are a list of organizations that I am encouraged to support.  

For every Life documented session booked I will donate $100 to one of the following organizations  

Moorlands Camp | Jamaica

Bustamante Children's Hospital | Jamaica

Operation Christmas Child | World Wide

Dream Jamaica & Friends of Jamaica | Seattle