1.  life documented | $650  

Includes all of your digital images and a beautiful softcover photo book

This is my favorite - this is life as we know it!  It's a time where we get to do it all.  To get everyone relaxed we start with the traditional family pictures, next your family will do an activity together (a board game, an art and craft project, putting up your Christmas tree, baking cookies or maybe preparing and eating a meal together (we can discuss this further).  Once we've documented this beautiful moment in time everyone will take a break, except for me of course.  I will move from room to room photographing each member of your family in their space doing their thing.  This shoot will take approx. 2-3 hours and does not have to take place in your home.    

2.  TRADITIONAL | $395  

Includes all of your digital images (approx. 30-50)

Take this opportunity to get some professional images taken of your family.  The cell phone pictures and personal DSLR's have it's place but this is the time where you get to shine.  Our photographs are priceless bodies of work that we hold onto for generations.  Photography is an art, let's create art for your family.  

3.  Personal Work

From the people we meet, the food we eat, the places we visit to the nail on the window box - we live in a beautiful world.  Let's open our eyes to it's beauty.  This is my time, this is my space, this is what I see, this is my art and I'm excited to share it with you.  All personal work is available for sale.     

I am based in Seattle and available to travel anywhere   |  9.6% WA sales tax will be added to all fees