Holiday Markets are Fun...

...and a great way to meet up with people in your community.  Get your Christmas shopping started and join me at the Crown Hill Holiday Market. 

A Family of Talent | Seattle Family Photographer

These kids are going to be stars on the stage or on the field...maybe both.  Full of smiles and bursting with energy we were able to spend a nice afternoon capturing some fun shots.  Break a leg you guys...when on stage and good luck when on the field.  

Love and Blessings

Head Shots for this Law Firm | Seattle Photographer

This is my second time photographing this hard working team.  I think the thing I love the most is that they want to have their pictures taken in a park and not in front of a boring backdrop with bright lights shining on them.  Wouldn't you want to hire them?  I know I would.  

I wish this group plenty success as they go out to fight the good fight.  Take a scroll to the right to see more fun images.

Walk Good! 

Such a Sweet Family | Seattle Family Photographer

This is Sarah and her tribe...two kids, two dogs (one has passed away since this shoot) and a chicken.  This single mama is getting it done.  She's patient, she's got some serious style and more control over this full household than I have in mine.  

I truly enjoyed going into this home and photographing her beautiful family.  They have so much respect and love for each other it was just oozing out of them.  

Walk Good and plenty blessings!

Head Shots Anyone? | Seattle Photographer

Need a new look for your social media pages or maybe you need it for your business website, call me.  I'd be happy to provide you with some professional pictures.  Just check out these two beauties.   


Home Sweet Home

I love being a Jamaican living in Seattle.  I'm very proud of who I am, my culture and the way I was raised.  The opportunity to grow up in this very rich environment is special and I'm blessed to give my kids even a small taste of it when we visit.

Our trip home wasn't as long as I usually like but it was a trip home, so I shouldn't complain.  The day after we landed my sister, Lisa, had the the kids and I up the hill to see this beautiful piece of property that they just bought.  I loved it and I can see why they fell in love with it too.  Flamstead is on the other side of the mountain that we visited a lot as kids, but man what a special place they are going to make this place.  

The little boy in the first picture walks up and down the hill everyday to go to school.  And when I say hill I really mean the mountain.  We gave him and another group of kids a ride up and I made sure to point out to my kids that their short walk to school in the rain is nothing.  Uncle Dougie gave us a tour of the property and then took us for a walk into the community where the kids got to see where coffee comes from. 

Visiting family and friends is a huge part of our trip home.  So one of the first things we did was to enjoy a lovely Sunday lunch with Brigette and a few friends.  We had tea with Auntie Carmen (which is always a highlight). I got to spend an afternoon with Sam (one of my oldest and dearest friends) and I finally got to meet her son Jonah.  I did a photo shoot for our friends the English's but it always includes dinner and a wonderful visit with the family.  

Before Tim joined us, the kids and I explored beaches, went to the pool at the apartment complex where they own an apartment.  That's right, my kids have property in Jamaica.  We even took a drive into downtown Kingston.  It's become so run down but it's a place with so much character.  I would like to spend more time down there just photographing people and places.  The wrought iron sun is a piece that my sister did.  Isn't it cool.

Once Tim joined us we were off to the North Coast, aka "country", to spend a few days by the beach and to not have a worry in the world.  Mummy joined us on this leg of the trip and it was wonderful to have her there with us.  We swam, we swam some more, we played beach volleyball, tennis, a little table tennis and on a rainy afternoon some checkers.  The kids loved hanging with the staff and playing the hotel lunch time games.  Another favorite was the dinner time entertainment, we sang, we danced and I even got pulled into one of the silly games.  

When we returned to Kingston we spent Ash Wednesday with more friends up at Flamstead, what a fun day we had.  We played a little baseball, some went for a hike, and we ate some yummy food.  

But one of the most important things that we did when we were home was to visit the Children's Home that my Auntie Marie talked about in length.  Auntie was a Doctor in Jamaica and passed away in Dec. 2011.  She was a very special lady and didn't have any kids of her own, however, all of her nieces and nephews were her "Angels".  She had the biggest heart she collected coins and at the end of the year donate the money to the Children's Home.  Well in true Auntie form she left them a wonderful gift and so we had the opportunity for a few of us to present the check.  The visit alone made an impact and I know that on every visit home for us, we will make the home a stop and in true Phillipa form there will be a project attached to that visit.

 Jamaica will always be home for me no matter how long I'm away.  I dream of the day that I can return there to live.  There's no where like sweet, sweet Jamaica, no where. 


Friends That Are Like Family | Jamaican Family Photographer

Christine, Bruce, Max and Hannah have been a part of my life for over 30 years.  With distance between us it has never changed our relationship and it probably never will. The only difference is that we have passed the energy onto our offspring.  With this crew Christine and Bruce have continued to do what they have always done, they just keep on welcoming more pickney into the fold.  That's how it started with Max and Hannah's friends and now the grandkids are doing the same thing.  This is just one thing that makes these two so special and a very important part of my world.  I never go home without seeing them, never!   


WOW! | Seattle Family Photographer

Have I seriously been absent from my blog for the last three months.  Thank goodness my personal Instagram account is filtering to the right.  It was a super busy time for me at our school - we had a very successful Auction and then we moved into planning our Staff Appreciation and then Walk/Bike to School Month and that's just the tip of the PTA iceberg.  

You all remember the Pesce family.  We headed to our beautiful downtown and the Kings Street Union Station.  What a great location for family sessions.  From alley ways to store fronts there is so much texture to plop people in front of.  I love it!   


Jane and Her Boys | Seattle Family Photographer

I have known this family for a long time.  I don't get to see them as much as I use to so I really, really look forward to our yearly family pictures.  We get to laugh a, a lot.  We get to have our quick catch up always wishing that we had more time and more opportunities to see each other.  No matter what we will always be friends.  

Nuff Love and Respect

2017 Happenings | Seattle Photographer

Its all about the news that's going on at Phillipa Sara | Photographer.  It's something you do not want to miss.  So check it out and let me know what you think...just comment below, I promise I read them.  CLICK HERE TO READ MY NEWSLETTER.

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I'm Going to Jamaica | Jamaican Family Photographer

It's always fun to come home cause I get to photograph some beautiful people.  Check out the rest of my Journal or go ahead and look through my portfolio, it gives you the big picture of what I love to do. Call or email me today and let's get you on the calendar for February 18th.

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Stronger Together | Seattle Family Photographer

Mom and dad are hard working parents, both in the medical field.  They have two amazing little girls (twins) and they are fantastic parents but sometimes you need help.  Boy did they find the best help possible.  Another member of their family is their nanny.  She has been with the family since the girls were little tiny babies.  These 5 are STRONGER TOGETHER.  

Wishing you all plenty love

Lots of Laughs... | Seattle Family Photographer

...and I mean a lot.  We laughed from the moment we started to the moment we ended two hours later.  We were having so much fun I wasn't ready for our time to end.  When a shoot feels this relaxed and fun and easy you know you've captured some very special and truly real moments.  

This family is special. I appreciate the way they respect each other, the way they laugh with each other (there's that word again) and they way they love each other.  

Nuff Respect!

That Was Fun! | Seattle Photographer

When RMSP called me to help them out with a blog post for one of their upcoming workshops, that will be held in Seattle, I couldn't refuse.  I had to think of 10 places in Seattle that photographers wouldn't want to miss seeing.  There was just one problem, I had way more than 10 places that I wanted to write about and photograph.  Hey man, it's not easy when you live in such a beautiful place.  Seattle is special and so to narrow down my choices, I went with the places that had the most character, had lots of texture and plenty of good vibes.  

This was a fun little project.  Go visit these places, take your camera and look at your environment in a different way - then photograph it.  

Looking for a fun workshop in April.  Join RMSP at their Weekend Intensive.   

Nuff Love and Respect

Book Your Session Today

I'm looking forward to being home and having the opportunity to take photographs of some of the most beautiful people in the world.  Contact me ASAP and let's get your family on the calendar.  

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A Talented Graduate | Seattle Family Photographer

I've know Quin for a long time and I still cannot believe that I was photographing her for her senior pictures.  This is one talented lady, she's an aspiring video game animator and artist.  The moment she has a website I promise to post it here.  

Wishing you all the best in life Quin.  Continue to live it with joy, love, happiness and whole lot of creative mojo.     

Walk Good!

Supporting Your School | Seattle Family Photographer

I wouldn't have met this beautiful family if it wasn't for them supporting their school auction. Every year I donate a session to two, sometimes three, schools and the food bank.  For me it's not about what I can get out of it, it's about helping an organization to reach their goal and it's about the opportunity I get to meeting some really wonderful people.  

Walk Good!

Support Your Local Food Bank | Seattle Family Photography

I have supported the University Food Bank Auction for at least five years now.  This beautiful family were the lucky winners of my photo shoot.  The twins are two of the most respectful kids I've had the privilege of working with.  I think my favorite line at the end of the session was "it was a pleasure working with you today"  (this was said by one of the boys) - just priceless.

Walk Good!

They're Growing up Fast | Seattle Family Photographer

Every year I look forward to seeing how much taller they've gotten, I look forward to hearing about their activities and how school is going but most of all I look forward to watching them interact with each other.  They are such a sweet family and they have so much love for each other.    It's the connections that make these shoots so special.  

Walk Good!