A Recap of 2015

It's been a busy and crazy year for the Dugaw family but we have survived and we are looking forward to 2016.  A quick recap of our year.

January - March | Liam played coach pitch while Tim coached him.  Crazy decisions were being made about Phillipa going off for an entire summer without her family 

April | we took a small vacation up to Bellingham and had a lovely time exploring this beautiful part of the NW

May | Malaika turned 8 and we got ourselves a dog.  He's a cockapoo and his name is Tego (named after MonTEGObay in Jamaica).  Malaika played a fox in her school play "Dr. Doolittle Jr".  Courtney (Phillipa's niece from Jamaica came up to help with the kids for the summer).

June | Phillipa moved to Missoula, MT to complete a 4 month intensive photography program at RMSP.  Tim would hold down the fort in Seattle like a brave soul.

July | The kids were busy with summer camps, swimming and hanging out with friends.

August | Both kids got up on water skies, Phillipa came home for four weeks and we went on our annual camping trip with the 18th Avenue crew

September | School started back a little late due to a teacher strike, Malaika would enter 3rd grade and Liam would enter 1st grade.  Phillipa returns to Missoula for another 6 weeks.   

October | We were just surviving, Tim as a single dad, Phillipa missing the family and the kids getting themselves back into the swing of school.

November | Liam turned 7.  Malaika got her ears pierced 

December | Tim turned 50 and got a trip to Normandy.  Tego is going to obedience school - finally and we're spending the Christmas right here in Seattle.  

Merry Christmas and blessings to you and your family in the New Year.