Teachers Rock! | Seattle Family Photographer

This was my daughters 2nd grade teacher.  But the best part is that I knew her before I was married.  Tim (my husband) would take many of his dates to  Wild Mountain Cafe, a restaurant that Fi worked at.  Being a regular, they called him "single guy", it was always fun to see who he was bringing in for dinner.  When it was my turn, they welcomed me with open arms and they were even ready to help him set up a back room with roses when it was time to pop the question.  That didn't happen due to a hospital visit - but that's another story to tell.  When we got married and had kids we would still go in (although not as regularly) and visit with our friends at WM.  We knew that Filina was working towards teaching so when kindergarten rolled around and we found out that Fi was teaching at our daughters school, we were excited.  

She's an amazing woman, she's an amazing teacher - everyone loves you Filina and your family is just another part of you that is beautiful.  These guys know how to laugh with each other and it was really special to see the special interactions between them all.  Meet Joel, Filina, Hannah, Olivia, Piper and Polly (the dogs).  

One Love!