When It Rains We Bake Cookies | Seattle Family Photographer

This wasn't suppose to be a lifestyle shoot.  This was actually suppose to be a traditional family session but when you live in Seattle there are times you just have to improvise.  

I was heading over to meet with Megan and family when she called.  I knew i didn't want to cancel this shoot so I was thrilled when she asked me if I was open to me photographing them while baking cookies...YES!!! absolutely, I love doing in home shoots where everyone is busy.  By the time we got the cookies in the oven the rain had passed and we could go outside for some of the traditional pictures.  

I loved this day and spending the time with this beautiful family.  The kids were amazing in the kitchen and I think it was a fun time for everyone.  Bonus:  the cookies were yummy...or so my kids tell me.  

Walk Good!