Wow - It's Been A Long Time

I know you've all been wondering where I've been.  You're all worried that I fell off the face of the earth or maybe you thought I got abducted by aliens.  I know, you thought I moved back to Jamaica...boy do I wish sometimes that was true.  

Well, I've just been super busy with life and I haven't been able to find time for my blog, but that will change.  Here are just two of the things I've been busy with - our school auction and I got myself a part-time job.  

The auction was a success and it did well but let's talk about my new job. As of March 14th I am the new Volunteer Manager for Soulumination.  What an amazing organization that provides free legacy photographs of children and adults with life threatening illnesses for their families.  Along with their photographs they get these beautiful handmade gifts (albums, tri-folds, bracelets).  

If you're a photographer and you'd like to get involved or if you'd just like to volunteer some time helping us make those amazing gifts call me.  

Support our 10th Anniversary Campaign 

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