Our Trip to Florida | Family Time

The kids and I needed a break.  We needed to get out of the NW, we needed to go on a trip and have some fun.  Well, Florida here we come - 11 days of fun, sun (really hot sun), friends and family.   

The idea of going to Florida only became just that, an idea, when a group of my dear friends and I started a group chat on What's App.  This is a group of people I have known for over 30 years and we live in all corners of the world.  Well, the one that lives the furthest away (Australia) was coming over to the US and we knew this was going to be the moment when the majority of us would get to see each other.  For some of us it had been nearly 15 years since we had seen each other, but that time never made a difference to us because the time that we spent on the pool deck, climbing or hiding under the stands and going to pay parties, that's what made the difference.  Swimming, playing Water Polo and just hanging out with this group of people many, many years ago were some of the best times in my life.  Here are just a few pictures from our three days together.

For the rest of our time in Florida, probably one of the best parts of our trip, we got to spend the rest of the week with my Mummy, AKA Grandma Maisie.  The kids and I would visit Miami Seaquarium (not something I'm all proud of) but we went.  We spent time with our cousins and more friends that are like family.  

Walk Good!