That Was Fun! | Seattle Photographer

When RMSP called me to help them out with a blog post for one of their upcoming workshops, that will be held in Seattle, I couldn't refuse.  I had to think of 10 places in Seattle that photographers wouldn't want to miss seeing.  There was just one problem, I had way more than 10 places that I wanted to write about and photograph.  Hey man, it's not easy when you live in such a beautiful place.  Seattle is special and so to narrow down my choices, I went with the places that had the most character, had lots of texture and plenty of good vibes.  

This was a fun little project.  Go visit these places, take your camera and look at your environment in a different way - then photograph it.  

Looking for a fun workshop in April.  Join RMSP at their Weekend Intensive.   

Nuff Love and Respect