3rd Annual Camping Trip | Hanging with Friends

We returned to Lake Wenatchee State Park for the second year in a row.  Why not?  This place has got so much to offer, you're always planning what to do next.  On the first morning the "city kids" woke up a grumpy man in the really early hours of 7:30am (insert sarcasm here)...give it a rest buddy.  Let's just say they moved on very quickly and it did not stop us from having a good time. On the first morning we went on a hike with all of the kids and ended up at the amphitheater where the kids performed for us, The Three Little Bears and Little Red Riding Hood.  They were awesome.  The weather wasn't the best so we didn't swim as much or boat at all.  We did ride our bikes a ton and the kids were even doing tricks.  The ladies went on a beautiful hike (thought we heard a bear or something that growls) and two of the guys took a long mountain bike ride up a very steep hill.  We ate well, slept ok and every evening, by the campfire, we would enjoy the stars, sing songs and listen to stories.

Our last day, for the last two years, has not been about packing up and just leaving.  We pack up the campsite and then we just head to the beach for a swim and some lunch.  When we do eventually leave we stop at a little pizza place in Gold Bar called Rico's (we just can't get enough of each other).  This is also the time that we start the conversation about where we should go next year and that equals one successful camping trip.  Date set, location TBD...see you next year!