I Love Growing Families | Seattle Family Photographer

I've had the privilege of photographing this beautiful family for about three years now and I'm please to say that we can introduce the newest member - Nolan.  I met Lonnie at the Y many years ago, I see her once a year for our shoot and I love to just catch up with her as we walk around.  I truly admire her approach to life, family and everything else in between.

One Love!

Beautiful Family on Campus | Seattle Family Photographer

For all of you that don't live in Seattle and for all of you that do and have never really walked around the UW Campus, it's a must.  Such a beautiful location with so many options that will be different depending on the season.  These guys were wonderful because I had to make a few changes to our schedule due to schools being on strike during the week and a sick kid.  Well we got it figured out and with a little rain earlier that morning the grass was a little greener and the brick a little more red.

One Love!

Meet Edgar | Seattle Family Photographer


I love a growing family.  It means more little babies for me to enjoy.  Do you remember meeting Oscar, well today I'd like to introduce you to his little brother.  Edgar Clay was born on March 18th at 3.22am.  He was 7lbs 15oz and 18.5" long.  I met the little guy and lawd him sweet.  Welcome Edgar!

One Love!

It's Birthday # 9 | Seattle Children's Photographer

Every year I am excited and honored to spend the afternoon with this very confident and beautiful young lady.  She's got spunk and is the sweetest little girl to work with.  The most exciting part about this visit was seeing mom pregnant.  In May their family will be expecting a little boy.  I cannot wait to meet the little guy.  Congratulations you guys!

One Love

From Babysitter to Mom | Seattle Family Photographer

This beautiful woman use to take care of my kids.  She was one of their favorite babysitters and I loved her just as much as they did.  She's a trained special education teacher for elementary schools and she truly has the patience of Job and is one of the kindest people I know.  I had the privilege of going to her wedding and now I get to see her family grow.  The opportunity to take her family pictures is priceless.  Well you can see how adorable they are - Enjoy! One Love!

Rain Drops Keep Falling On My Head | Seattle Family Photographer

This little guy was awesome, he didn't let a little rain stop us from having this shoot or from getting the idea in his head that he would play on the playground afterwards.  I think mom convinced him at the end that a trip to Target would be a little more enjoyable.  I do love seeing the rain drops on their heads and falling from the sky in their images, with the wet ground and the Fall colors it just adds to this beautiful place that we live in.


Live, Love, Laugh | Seattle Family Photographer

I know we talk about the weather a lot in Seattle but truth be told it's never the same so it is something to talk about.  On this amazing Fall day in November we had sunshine and warmth.  Then the Robison family did the next best thing, they chose a spectacular location for our shoot.  The leaves were covering the ground and the trees it was just amazing!  Go take a walk outside, it's beautiful.


A Quick Shoot | Seattle Family Photographer

We've had to reschedule a couple of times because of the rain but I couldn't let another day go by without getting the Christmas card picture.  So this is a really quick look at a really beautiful family.  I had my seven year old with me as my assistant and she was holding the umbrella.  Don't worry we get more of them in the Spring and I know I cannot wait.


Friends... Your Chosen Family | Seattle Family Photographer

It was a small townhouse complex that brought these two families together and it's, three dogs, one lucky little boy and an amazing friendship that will keep them together.  This is the true meaning of friends that are like family.  These 5 will be watching out for each other for a long time to come.  I love how easy it is to be around them and much they just love being together.




Ryker and His Entourage | Seattle Family Photographer

This little guy is the one running the show but little does he know that mom and dad will be welcoming a new family member in a few months - congrats you guys.  I wonder who will be in charge then? For this shoot Ryker brought along his two cousins that Lonnie is homeschooling.  God bless her, I have the utmost respect for people that homeschool and I know Lonnie is really amazing at it.  Here it is she had a shoot with me, brought the girls along and while we were in the Arboretum we were ALL learning.  She didn't stop teaching, it was really cool cause I was learning a few things myself.



A Girl and Her Four Boys | Seattle Family Photographer

Last year we couldn't wait to meet baby William, this year they got all dressed up.  The Olympic Sculpture Park in Seattle is truly one of the most beautiful places to visit.  From the views, to the art, to the people watching you're surrounded by a plethora of activities.  I suggest a beautiful Sunday walk or bike ride with the family, I know everyone will get something out of it but before you head out I want you to enjoy the time I had with the O'Callaghan family - such a good looking bunch.


Happy & Carefree | Seattle Family Photographer

When I look at this shoot I see a family that just loves to hang out with each other.  Plus, when you start to do a little "clean" potty talk who wouldn't want to laugh out loud.  I've been their family photographer for over 5 years and I love the adventure of seeing what they have planned from year to year.  Last year it was all about baseball, this year it's all about football.  Next year I'm hoping tiaras and butterflies :).  I love you guys!


Two Boys & Their Parents | Seattle Family Photographer

When was the last time you had a nap and someone woke you up at the best part of that nap?  It's probably been a while since you've even had an opportunity to take a nap.  Well, they had to wake up my little nephew Brooks just so that we could have this darn photo shoot and I have to tell you I couldn't blame him for not being in the mood.  I tell you this little story because you're going to see some really fun shots where it looks like he's just miserable, I threw those in there because this is just how it can get sometimes at a shoot and I am okay with it.  I know we want the smiling, happy faces but I think that there are times where we have to remember that they are kids and they certainly didn't set this all up, especially at nap time.  Big brother Hudson was the one that brought out the smiles, now that was sweet to watch.


They Make Me So Angry... | Jamaican Family Photographer

...but I will never stop loving them.  It was about two weeks into my five week visit home that we had a family meeting to talk about a variety of family "stuff".  One of the things we talked about was me getting my usual family shoot.  I do one every time I'm home...wouldn't you?  They are one of the reasons I take pictures, well at least the "us" of 35 years ago anyway.  That was the last time I had a family picture taken with my daddy before he passed away.  My passion and love for photography goes beyond the beauty that you can create with a camera and one of the biggest things are the memories that you get to hold onto.  Focusing on family and child photography was because when the kids in those pictures get older they will appreciate every bare bottom and goofy smile and the love, joy and maybe even adventure that was captured at that time in their life. Why was I angry?  We had a plan but as usual that plan changed.  The day of the shoot I asked that everyone show up immediately after the World Cup finals, nope that sure didn't happen.  As I was losing light (by the way we were leaving on a jet plane the next day) I was getting frustrated and being rushed.  Well, these are the results and I think you should all see what I go through with these people I call family, these people I love dearly.  Closed eyes, blur, me not fixing mummy's glasses, limited images for some of us.  Oh well, this is my family and in 10 years we are going to still love every single one of these pictures and the memory of that moment when we were making them.