A Beautiful Oasis in the City | Seattle Family Photographer

I told you all about the Kubota Gardens in a blog post a few months back.  I had visited these beautiful gardens back in March but didn't truly get to walk through and enjoy them until Tyler and Sarah contacted me.  They've brought their kids, Stella and Otto, to the gardens many times and instead of me leading where we should shoot, they did.  I liked it, I got a tour of the place and it is beautiful.  If you live in Seattle, I hope you find some time to visit. Tyler and Sarah had purchased a gift certificate for a photo shoot from the University Food Back Auction.  What a lovely family, I truly enjoyed getting to know them on our walk through the gardens.  Their kids are adorable and they are such patient and loving people.  Something I enjoyed learning about is their love for travel, how Strange and Benevolent.

Walk Good!