Back to Our Roots | Family Photographer

On this trip home I had a hard time leaving.  I truly saw myself and my family living in Jamaica experiencing a lifestyle that is just flat out awesome.  The pace is slower, the vide is sweet and food is just too good to resist.  I have a ton of friends and family that have left Jamaica for school, started a family and then returned home after many years living in the first world.  Moving back to JA has been the best decision they have made for themselves and their family, no regrets. Meet HH, JH, MH and LH.  They made this move about a year ago and they couldn't be happier with their decision.  Talking to friends like this makes me want to pack it all up and get back to some island living.  Seriously, if you've never experienced it before, I hope you do at some point in your life.

Walk Good!