Brothers | Seattle Children's Photographer

This was a take two moment.  First we tried to do a shoot out at St. Edwards Park and when that didn't go so well we tried it again a few weeks later at Gene Coulon Beach.  Well, these guys wanted NOTHING and I mean NOTHING to do with me (see the first two pictures).  My feelings weren't hurt, I realize that I'm this stranger with a big camera in my face and I have a funny accent.  Plus, boys will be boys.  Mom really wanted pictures of the boys on their own but she really, really wanted pictures of them together.  After a little warming up and going to the play ground, I was getting a few pictures of the boys by themselves but every time I thought I had the shot of them together, one would run away or their hair would get in the way.  By the way, isn't their hair beautiful.  I look forward to working with these guys again cause I know we will be buds in no time :).  Check out the last picture...they're together.


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