Celebrations | Jamaican Style

First of all let me apologize for not posting in the last month and a half.  Also you must let me know what you think of our new look.  It's been a work in progress for a little while now and I can only thank Ryan at Second Street Creative for being so patient with me and working on making my thoughts and ideas come to life. This coming September I will be turning 40 and so I decided that I was going throw myself a birthday party, early.  That's right folks I decided to celebrate my birthday on August 13th.  Why you ask?  Well, I was hoping to entice some of my relatives and friends from far, far away to join me and I figured that since the summers in Seattle are amazing and the kids would be out of school they would flock the area.  Unfortunately no one could be here.  I know many of them wanted to come and some even tried but life happens.

Planning a large party can be a logistical nightmare.  My first plan was to have a band and I wanted that band to be Third World.  I contacted them, but when I was told to come up with a figure I knew I couldn't afford them.  So the band idea went out the window.  I was finding myself constantly thinking about the space and trying to figure out the vibe I wanted for my party.  All I had to do was look out at our newly designed backyard and that's when idea #2 started to unfold.  It would be a Jamaican themed party (because I am Jamaican and because the date of the party was only a week away from our independence day), with Jamaican food and drinks, sand on the tables, some good music from the ipod and a photo booth.  Oh and while sitting in a Caribbean restaurant, listening to a steel pan soloist, I had the brilliant idea to hire him.

Things were coming together.  I was slowing finding my decorations, purchasing beer, finding a Jamaican caterer and perfecting my rum punch.  It was at 9pm the night before the party that I got the news I was not wanting to hear.  My steel pan guy was going to be a no-show.  I know I could've done without him, but I was really looking forward to him being a part of the night so I sat at my computer and typed into Google search "Steel Pan Seattle" and up came a You Tube video on the man they call Obe.  I called him up, told him my situation and I was excited to here him say that he could do it and he would be there.

It was a wonderful night.  Obe played for the first couple of hours and then we put in the ipod and had music for everyone to dance.  The food was excellent thanks to Lil and Red and my neighbor Scott.  The photo booth was a big hit and well, the company was just right.  The vibe I was going for was sweet.

Here are some pictures from my first attempt at a photo booth.  I definitely have some kinks to work out, but I enjoyed doing it and I would do it again.

Walk Good!