Cooking with Ameen

Happy New Year friends.  I hope flipping that calendar page over or putting up that new calendar wasn't too much work for you.  A new year brings new blessings, new beginnings and much more adventure. It was back in November that my dear friend Evan got a group of 12 women together to learn how to cook Indian food.  I was excited not only to learn how to cook one of my favorite foods but to learn from Ameen.  I met Ameen my first year at North Beach Elementary while volunteering on the schools auction committee.  When I first started talking to her I knew I wanted to be her friend.  She is a very talented woman, from teaching you how to cook to teaching kids art at Studio-Kids.  Her art is also something to behold, check out this great article I found on herself and Deep (her husband).  Also someone I knew I wanted to be friends with.

This was the BEST indian food I had ever eaten and I'm not just saying that.  It really was something wicked.

 One Love!