Did You Miss Me?

Forgive me for not being around, I haven't forgotten you.  I learnt a lot over the last three weeks.  With my computer getting sick and contracting a virus, I realized how important this tool is to my business.  If my husband wasn't travelling I would use his laptop to try to catch up on emaisl but I just never got enough time to sit and talk to you all.  I missed giving you updates or showing you the next fabulous family that I had the opportunity to work with.  I now have a great appreciation for the men and women that understand the complexities of a computer.  It also made me realize that a Mac may be in my future. 

Tonight I leave you with some of my favourite images of the holiday season.  Don't worry we're only 26 days into the new year and I promise you haven't missed anything...I can tell you that you're going to love Liam's new hair cut, just wait and see.    

Seeing Santa for the first time

Walk Good!