Family Time

I've been home for about 4 weeks now and it's been wonderful getting to spend the last part of the summer with the kids.  Folks, this is going to be a long one.  I thought about breaking this post up but I think you can all get through it.  Don't skip to the end there are some fun moments to enjoy. The week after I got back from Missoula we went straight to The Sound House on Eld Inlet.  This is a very special place for us.  The house was purchased the year Tim was born, remodeled and lived in full-time the year he graduated from high school.  This house holds cherished memories and reminds us how important coming together as a family is.  But before we actually got there the kids and I decided to take Courtney and Daniel on one last tour of downtown Seattle.  They would be leaving during our week at the Sound so we thought it would be fun to experience a little of Seattle Center.

Can you find Malaika in the fountain?  She was all wet.

We did the usual while at the Sound.  We walked the beach, kayaked, picked blueberries, played board games, went on boat rides and this year we added a new activity - the kids learnt how to ski.  Malaika at 8 and Liam at 6 years old beat their dad who learnt at 9 - but who's counting.

Courtney skiing

Liam skiing

Malaika skiing

Tim skiing

Annual friends day at the Sound House

Getting back to Seattle it was time for everyone to get an end of summer clean up - including Tego (sorry no pictures).  I love going to Rudy's we love Alicia our stylist and the atmosphere is just fun.

We end our summer with our fourth annual camping trip.  This year with all of the fires we ended up canceling our campsite east of the mountains and went just 45-minutes south to Dash Point State Park.  We were not breaking tradition.  With 4 other families, there are usually 5 of us, we enjoyed a wet yet really fun time hiking, biking, wading, cooking s'mores, singing camp songs and again creating memories.

This slide has been around for a very, very, very, very, very long time

One Love!