First Day of School

I've always loved the first day of school.  New experiences, new friends, new classroom, new lunch box & backpack, new teacher and most of all new pencils.  Watching my little girl head into her first day of Kindergarten wasn't as emotional as I was expecting it to be.  Her eagerness and confidence threw it all out the window.  She showed no fear and was so excited about going to her new school.  Tim and I were so proud of her and realized how grown up she was getting.  As we entered the grounds we learnt where to put her backpack and what to do while waiting for the bell to ring.  Once the bell rang she sprinted off to her bag and walked briskly with the rest of her class to her new room.  While the kids sat on the rug at the front of the class and the announcements were being read and the pledge being spoken I watched her eyes open wide, what is all of this, what does it all mean, what do we do after they speak?  It was time for us leave we blew kisses, waved and told her we loved her.  See you later baby girl... My big boy did just as well with his drop off.  Although he's a new student to this preschool, he's known the ins and outs of the joint since watching his big sister go through it for two years.  He walked in and knew exactly where to put his bag, headed directly to the sink to wash his hands, gave us hugs and kisses goodbye and sat on the rug ready for circle time, ready for preschool.

Walk Good!