First Week | June 1st - 5th

Wow it was a big week.  I moved into my little pad and met my landlady.  On Monday and Tuesday it was all about getting to know the school, getting to know Missoula, taking our ID pictures.  Then we began the task of getting to know 65 other people, they split us up into three groups of twenty-two.  At that time we met with  a few instructors and assistances as a group...I'm in group A2, then we learnt how to react if approached by a bear on the trails...yup true, true.   The next day we talked a little more about Missoula and photography and then got our computers set up for the next 11 weeks of learning. On Wednesday the work began and it has not stopped.  Our classes include:  Photo Studies, Visual Studies, Edit/Edit Lab, Lighting, Field Help, Output and then a whole bunch of talks from sponsors and guest speakers.  I'm sure I'll be breaking down the classes for you with images so stay tuned.

Saturday morning I went to the market (which I'm sure I will photograph) and then hitched a ride with two other students, Will and Linda (they are a lovely couple from Wisconsin), to check out the Bison Range, St. Ignatius Missions and Nine-pipe National Wildlife Refuge.  We stopped in at a little bakery on the way up, it was probably the best donut I have ever tasted.  I will be taking Liam there because that kid loves a donut.  This day I was out of my element and excited to stretch myself.

RMSP Entrance (taken with iPhone)

My room is the left door

View from the bakery

Her mom's recipe





One Love