Friends Of Jamaica | Seattle Family Photographer

When I first moved to Seattle I spent a lot of time seeking out Jamaican groups, restaurants, or just friends of friends living in Seattle & surrounding areas.  If I was going to live this far away from home I wanted to be connected to my little island in some way.  I had been living here for a year and I needed a document signed by the Jamaican Consulate in the Seattle area and that's when the Jamaican flood gates opened. Meet Carmeta, one of the lovely ladies that I've had the pleasure of knowing through Friends of Jamaica Seattle.  She bought this photo shoot at a silent auction/banquet and passed it onto her son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter.  Aren't they a beautiful family.  It's all in how you mix it up, Jamaican, Dominican and Mexican.  Now that's a good pot of soup.  Enjoy their pictures.

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