Getting Caught Up

Friends have you missed me?  It's been a crazy summer and it's starting to roll into, a soon to be, crazy fall.  The kids spent the summer at the Sound House, they worked on their swimming, played a little tennis, probably biked over 100+ miles and went to a couple of fun camps.  We also had a wonderful family vacation to Boston and Webster MA and ended our summer vacation with a three night camping trip with three other families.  So I will not overwhelm you in this one post with all of this excitement, my plan is to to give it to you in small blog posts. Today we go back to our Father's Day weekend at The Sound.  "The Sound" is just the place we call Tim's family home.  It's a beautiful spot that we're excited to have the opportunity to use.  This year our friends, Jack, Georgia and Jenny, joined us for a little swimming, some bike riding and s'mores.

Walk Good!