Learnfest '09

I will be heading to Atlanta, GA on Monday.  With the support of my amazing husband and the help of two wonderful friends I have been given the opportunity to attend a four day photography workshop called Learnfest.  This workshop is all about branding, marketing, workflow and anything else needed to run and operate a sucessful photography business.  I only discovered this workshop because I was doing my usual blog stalking.  This workshop is for newbies, like myself, and longtime photogs in the biz (I'm catching onto the lingo :) ). Four very talented ladies will be leading the troops.  Audrey Woulard, Tamara Lackey, Laura Novak and Lena  Hyde.  As a side note these are just four blogs out of (okay I wont go there) that I stalk on a daily basis.  I cannot wait to learn from these women.  I believe there will be over 60 participants broken up into four groups and we will be enjoying the grounds and food of Chateau Elan.  I look forward to meeting everyone and reporting back to my fans on my week.  

To my sweet husband Tim, I love you and thank you so much for this very special birthday present.  I will miss you and the kids.  To Karen and Barbra, this could only be done because of friends like you.

Walk Good.