Long Time

I hope you can all forgive me for neglecting my blog, my clients, my friends and my faithful readers.  Heading to Jamaica I was hoping to give you a post every two to three days.  When that didn't happen I figured you deserved a good post on our return to Seattle.  When that didn't happen I knew I would have to grovel.  I'm back my friends with some really fun and exciting changes.  It's all in the works (things that will probably take another 3-4 months to complete) but the process has begun.  We came back from Jamaica to see our new home office complete and looking as beautiful as ever.  We are working on a logo and some branding for Phillipa D. Photography, along with a whole new look and a new approach to this blog.  My hope is to do one big reveal with a couple of sneak peaks here and there. 

Your first sneak peak is our new quiet office space.    

We'll talk about Jamaica the next time we meet. 

Walk Good!