Merry Everything

I saw this tag line on a Christmas card and loved it.  Living in the United States I've had to think about when to say Merry Christmas.  I'm a little sad by that but I'm reminded on a daily basis that not everyone celebrates this holiday in the same way.  The thing is, that's how it is everywhere, including Jamaica but no one was offended by me saying Merry Christmas.  It's a quick reminder as to how different our cultures can be. 

Here's the thing.   When I sit with my husband and we start to reminisce on our Christmas as kids and then we start to create our own holiday traditions with our kids, it's all the same and our cultures don't seem so far apart at that point. 

So however you say it or however you celebrate this special time of the year I'd like to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas.  Create memories, build on traditions and enjoy your family.

Walk Good!