My Family Pictures

This year we had an opportunity as a family to have our holiday pictures taken by one of my mentors and friend.  She's truly an amazing photographer and business woman.  She's done some incredible things and will leave a legacy behind that her children will be proud of.  Me Ra Koh, you continue to surprise me with your talent and your drive. I got the call one day asking if my family and I would like to be a part of this new show that Me Ra was doing.  What was she up to now? :)  It would involved Disney Jr and babble.  How could I say no?  I ran the idea by the family and how could they say no.  They were so excited at this really fun opportunity.

Check out our shoot along with four other families

Me Ra's big favor:  As you watch the shows, will you do me a huge favor and both like them and share them with friends?  The success and response to this first season of shorts impacts future dreams.  Thank you so much!!

 Walk Good!