Our Angel

Let me introduce you all to one of the most amazing women I have had the honour of having in my life.  She's beautiful, strong, independent, argumentative, opinionated, wise, creative... the list could go on and on.  This is my Auntie Marie, my mummy's sister.  A woman that spent her time loving her family, her God and was dedicated to her work.  Every Friday night she would be at our house for dinner, a game of Monopoly and The Love Boat.  She spent practically every holiday and vacation with us therefore, there was never a time that I knew without her.  She read at my wedding and spoke the most beautiful words at the blessing of my children.  She was never married and had no children of her own, however all of her nieces and nephews were her angels.  Little did she know, she was our angel.  We love you Auntie!

DR. MARIE ADELLE CAMPBELL MBBS., MD. October 31, 1924 - December 15, 2011

Thoughts from Auntie’s Angels

 A Godly women, A Doctor, A Writer, A Leader, A Teacher, A Trailblazer, A Sister, A Role model, and most of all a Friend! We THANK YOU AUNTIE for your great stewardship, teaching and most of all your LOVE!  DAVID (Nephew)

Thank you Auntie Marie for everything you have done.  Your life has touched our family tree in ways that would make your sister in heaven very proud of you, especially the impact that you have had on all our children.  My dad and brothers will all agree that we will miss your smiling face, your charm and wit.  It will be hard to go through the next years ahead not being able to hear you say, "C’mon man!! You must be kidding!" I Love You, and I Miss You!!! You are always in my heart.  SHAW (Nephew)

Auntie Marie will be greatly missed for many reasons. She was a caring and benevolent woman who gave back in so many ways. Her savior and her family meant so much to her. She was also very opinionated and unconventional for her time! She taught me that a woman could be single and childless, and live a happy fulfilled life! I will miss her kindness, wisdom and loving nature. NICKY (Grand-Niece)

The great thing about Auntie was she lived life on her own terms and stuck to her guns even when we proved her wrong.:-)  She was an incredibly intelligent lady who gave good advice.  RACHELE (Niece)

Auntie was there for me on just about every level therefore my memories are vast.  When planning anything she was naturally a part of the picture.  She encouraged, she taught, she gave some of the best and worst advise, she was an amazingly strong, beautiful woman who believed but most of all she loved.  I am honoured to be called one of her angels.  PHILLIPA (Niece)

Auntie had a strong faith in her Lord that she shared with others.  A few years ago, she began sending the annual edition of Our Daily Bread to a group of us (probably the ones that she thought needed it most).  Each one had a personal message from her inscribed on the front cover.  I looked forward to receiving this every year.    But the most important role that Auntie played in my life was that of “The Encourager”.  ANNE-MARIE (Niece)

To me Aunt Marie is a cross between Florence Nightingale/Mary Seacole and the woman version of The Terminator..... She was fierce, outspoken, compansionate and loved by all.....and I will always remember her with the most fondest memories and always one of my heroes!!!  Lots of love.....one of your angels:) ELIZABETH (Niece)

When I think of Auntie Marie I think of a woman who held her own - stylishly, courageously, adamantly and with a sense of wit. Memories of Auntie Marie will, over the years, be like opening a treasure box and taking out beautiful gifts from the past.  MARGARET (Niece)

Auntie Marie let us see what she was like through the windows of her soul.  She was real, honest, caring, ready to encourage...spunky, argumentative.... She lived what she believed!  I am eternally grateful for her and rejoice with her now as she is at rest!  MARI (Niece)

A true Patriot someone who was proud of her country and a strong supporter of their endeavours at home and overseas.  Young at heart; truly someone who looked at life positively, openly and embraced all around her.  Non judgemental and strong.  ALLAN (Nephew)

“Auntie Marie was someone I always felt I could count on, no matter what. I will never forget her infectious laugh – she had a wonderful sense of humour – and she did a fine line in argument and outrage too. She was passionate through and through and I loved her for It.” cheers, ADAM (Nephew)

My heart is full as I struggle to think and put ‘pen to paper’ regarding Auntie Marie, or Auntie Groovy we used to call her. Auntie loved me for who I was and she never judged me and was always willing to listen and give realistic advice.   RUTH (Niece)

The highlight of my week as a child was on a Friday night when Auntie Marie would come to our house for dinner. We would play monopoly while watching Six Million Dollar Man and our favorite show The Love Boat... come to think of it, we never did take that cruise!  Auntie called us young ones her Angels...Me an Angel!... Only a real Angel like Auntie could love so unconditionally.  I’ve never known my life with out her. LISA (Niece)

Auntie Marie was a beautiful spirit, who loved God, family, people and life.  She served God and her patients with a passion and love that could not compare.  She was a brilliant Doctor and could diagnose any issue if you just described your problem.   She was smart, funny, energetic, opinionated and generally fun to be with. TRACEY (Niece)

Aunt Marie was a very kind, considerate and loving person.  She will be missed. DION (Nephew)

Auntie Marie, for me, was always the voice of reason and encouragement.  A cross between Scarlett O’Hara and Katherine Hepburn.  She had a strong, carefree spirit and selfless focus on Jesus Christ and his influence on the lives of those around her.  JOHN (Nephew)

Walk Good!