Point Your Toes

If you know me, you know that I am not a girlie girl.  I have never in my life taken a dance class, much less ballet.  When my neighbor's little girl first mentioned the idea of doing a class with Malaika (this was over the summer) she couldn't not stop talking about it.  So, I signed her up for a 9 week class this fall at ARC Dance Company and I was surprised as to how quickly she got into it.  On her first day ARC started talking about the final show in June...did I just hear you say, June.  I hadn't planned on doing a ballet class for that long.  She's three so we are planning on trying another activity when this was all over.  Every week they were talking up the June show and every week I was thinking to myself "really"!  Here's the thing, Malaika was enjoying her class, we both loved her teacher and the size of the class was nice and intimate but most importantly she was having fun.  Am I about to become the mother of a ballerina?  On the last day of class I asked Malaika what SHE wanted to do - you can continue with this dance class or we can try gymnastics (also something we had been talking about for a long time).  In her own words, "I'm ready to try doing gymnastics mummy".  So there ended my road to becoming involved with ballet, for now anyhow. 

Walk Good!