Puma Soccer | Seattle Photographer

I know it's not my usual portrait shoot but these 9 kids were hard to say no to.  Soccer leagues for kids and adults are huge around here, and at this time of the year photographers that specialize in sports photography are eager for the season to begin.   Usually the coach will get that said photographer to come out and have pictures taken of each kid with a ball in their hand and then a team picture with at least three kids kneeling, again, with a ball in hand.  This team decided that they wanted to be a little different and try something new.  Instead of that picture perfect for a magnet or the perfectly framed image of the team with the team name plastered all over it, they asked me to come out and take pictures at their games.  What they don't know is that since the age of 15 I have dreamt of being a famous sports photographer with my images on the pages of  Sports Illustrated.  It was fun being on the sidelines, following the ball and the quick movement of these kids.  I was able to go to three games (one sunny, two rainy) and at the last game I had them do the quick team shot.  Here are the results. 

Walk Good!