School or No School...That was the Question

The summer was coming to an end and both the kids and I were excited that they would be getting back to seeing friends and to being in a structured learning environment (well that part was probably mostly me).  Anyhow that didn't happen.  On Monday (labor Day) we found out that school would not be happening on Wednesday and the teachers would be going on strike.  Before all of that would take place we went in on Tuesday to see the classrooms, meet the teachers and find out who else would be in class with the kids.  On Wednesday, what would've been their first day, we went to support the people that take such amazing care of our kids during the school year.  Our teachers love what they do, the problem is they are overworked and under paid.  I could go on and on about what they deserve and although it was five days out of school I truly hope they continue to push an issue that needs to be addressed all over this country.  We support and love our teachers and I was proud to walk with them and to have my kids walk with them.

One Love!