Sisterly Love | Seattle Family Photographer

I love shooting kids, it's probably one my favorite things to do next to families.  Well this shoot was no different, just a little different.  The Stirling girls were older than four and they didn't have to have mom and dad present to make sure that they were behaving well, or had a snack to make them happy.  Plus we could shoot right next to a busy!  We were in a location I have wanted to do many a family but refused to even suggest it as we'd be running after the little ones in the middle of the road, way too stressful. It was New Years Eve and they were going to be celebrating their Christmas with their mom that evening.  This shoot was for mom, grandma and their dad.  What a sweet thing for these young ladies to do for their family.  I hope you all enjoy the natural bond that these girls share.

Walk Good!