So Grown Up

 We had three people ahead of us, giving us a 30 minute wait.  That's fine, we have books and toys to play with.  When we walked into the barber shop I knew exactly what I wanted them to do with Liam's hair, it would be a typical trim.  As Liam climbed into the chair (which was not the usual airplane or boat) I found myself telling Thomas, the barber, to cut it all off.  This was not our usual place to get his haircut but he was sitting very still allowing Thomas to shave all of his beautiful red hair off.  Watching it fall to the ground only made me think, wait a minute this was not my original plan.  His behaviour seemed so grown up, his look was exactly that.  I was missing the feel of his long hair and the color immediately.  However, I have no regrets because it is just hair and it will grow back.

 Walk Good!