Tacoma PUG

No, I did not buy a dog.  But I did attend my first Pictage User Group meeting.  PUG is made up of a group of professional photographers that use Pictage.  If you're not up for checking out what they are then book a session with me and that is how you'll view and share your photographs.  As a newbie it was a little intimidating, however I did have the support of some of my Seattle Sistas and the wonderful Me Ra and Brian.  The evening started out with a little food and mingle time.  Then the guest speakers, The Youngrens, gave a wonderful talk on being a "Rock Star" photographer and focusing on your own authenticity.  We ended the evening with more food and more time to meet some really talented folks in the biz. 

I walked away with a lot, the biggest thing, confidence!  See you all next month.

Walk Good.