The End of Our Summer

For the last summer post of 2012 I'm going to leave you with pictures from our trip to the Space Needle, camping at Fort Flagler with three other families and a few extra shots of Michela. Our trip to the Space Needle wasn't planned, I had been promising Malaika for two years that I would take her to the top of the Needle so on a clear day with nothing to do we headed up to see the beautiful city that we live in.

Fort Flagler was a fun trip.  Four families with two kids each, everyone had a great time.  This was our first time camping as a family and so on the first night the kids were asking to sleep in an RV.  After two days of beautiful hikes and fun bike rides along with endless play my kids were begging not to leave.  We're hooked and we will be camping a lot more next year.  This group has already been talking about doing this all over was that much fun.

 At one year old it's hard to not photograph this beautiful little girl.  I know she's got a little piece of grass under her eye but I love this picture and will only remove that piece of grass if her mom wants to get a print.

Walk Good