The Morrell Family is in the House | Seattle Family Photographer

It's busy around here and with the holidays approaching it makes things that much more crazy.  With that said, I have to tell you all that I just LOVE doing what I do.  The people that I get to work with is priceless and giving all of you a "slice of life" in the form of an image means a lot to me. I was explaining to someone just recently that there was a time when I just wanted to shoot children.  As I became a mother and as my family started to grow, I've realized that the family shoot is starting to become that special moment for me.  As a child, there are very few images of me, much less me and my family.  Next year will be 30 yrs since my father died and that is one picture I know I would cherish today.  So I encourage you to have the pictures of your kids taken AND I encourage you to have the family pictures framed.

Jim, Nicole, Sophie and Thomas were all rock stars the day we had their shoot.  The weather was beautiful, even with a little nip in the air.  The kids were amazing, especially Sophia.  I have to tell you she was in good form and although it was a half hour shoot I was excited to shoot just a little longer.  It's tough putting down the camera when you've got such willing clients.  Enjoy a sneak peak of their time in my backyard.

Walk Good!