They Make Me So Angry... | Jamaican Family Photographer

...but I will never stop loving them.  It was about two weeks into my five week visit home that we had a family meeting to talk about a variety of family "stuff".  One of the things we talked about was me getting my usual family shoot.  I do one every time I'm home...wouldn't you?  They are one of the reasons I take pictures, well at least the "us" of 35 years ago anyway.  That was the last time I had a family picture taken with my daddy before he passed away.  My passion and love for photography goes beyond the beauty that you can create with a camera and one of the biggest things are the memories that you get to hold onto.  Focusing on family and child photography was because when the kids in those pictures get older they will appreciate every bare bottom and goofy smile and the love, joy and maybe even adventure that was captured at that time in their life. Why was I angry?  We had a plan but as usual that plan changed.  The day of the shoot I asked that everyone show up immediately after the World Cup finals, nope that sure didn't happen.  As I was losing light (by the way we were leaving on a jet plane the next day) I was getting frustrated and being rushed.  Well, these are the results and I think you should all see what I go through with these people I call family, these people I love dearly.  Closed eyes, blur, me not fixing mummy's glasses, limited images for some of us.  Oh well, this is my family and in 10 years we are going to still love every single one of these pictures and the memory of that moment when we were making them.