Two Boys & Their Parents | Seattle Family Photographer

When was the last time you had a nap and someone woke you up at the best part of that nap?  It's probably been a while since you've even had an opportunity to take a nap.  Well, they had to wake up my little nephew Brooks just so that we could have this darn photo shoot and I have to tell you I couldn't blame him for not being in the mood.  I tell you this little story because you're going to see some really fun shots where it looks like he's just miserable, I threw those in there because this is just how it can get sometimes at a shoot and I am okay with it.  I know we want the smiling, happy faces but I think that there are times where we have to remember that they are kids and they certainly didn't set this all up, especially at nap time.  Big brother Hudson was the one that brought out the smiles, now that was sweet to watch.