Week 2 | June 7th - 13th

Another week of school and another weekend of outdoor fun.  Over the weekend I went to Mule Days in Hamilton, MT which was this small showing and fun races of mules and donkeys.  The people there were so nice and because it wasn't a huge crowd we were able to go up close to the action.  Do you know the difference between a mule and a donkey?  When I was younger I would sing the song "A mule is an animal with long fuzzy ears...", anyone (apart from my sisters) know that song?  Well it's been stuck in my head since the weekend and I really want to get it out.  Anyhow, not sure you want to know the difference but here you go, a mule is a cross between a donkey and a horse. At this same venue they were having a festival on yarn and you could meet all of these wonderful people that explained the process of how we get yarn, from sheering to spinning to knitting with a few other steps in between.  While talking to one of the ladies, she finds out I'm Jamaican, and bam the lady beside her lived in Jamaica for 4 years, she taught at my old high school (ICHS) in the 70's and she's still good friends with Jamaican artist Kay Sullivan.  Small town, small world!

In other exciting news this week on my run I had a squirrel chase me, well I've never.  Since then I've been a little skeptical about the squirrels in this town what can I tell you they have urban deer here the wild life is abundant.

Missing you my little ones, I love talking to you both and seeing you're beautiful faces on FaceTime (this is when I love modern technology).  Yesterday was their last day of school - can you believe I now have a third grader and a first grader.  So proud of you both and I hope you have a fantastic summer!

Here are a few pictures from my weekend trip along with a few images I'm working on.

 One Love!