Week #3 | June 14 - 20

Well the learning continues and as my brain expands with photography my heart continues to be sad.  I will try to make this the last week that I tell you how much I miss my kids (cause it's kinda a given).  But today is Father's Day and I'm just an emotional wreck, I'm missing my daddy a lot today and the comfort of my babies during times like this really helps.  I watched a video on FB of kids asking their dads "what makes you proud of me"  I wonder what my daddy would say? I'm also really sad today because we lost one of the "good guys".  Tim's nephew, Tom, lived in Canada with his beautiful wife and two beautiful children.  He was killed in a motorbike accident today.  He was one of the nicest, most genuine, rock ' n' roll, coolest people I knew.  We love you Tommy and we're going to miss you.   I would post a picture of him for all of you but all of my images are back in Seattle.

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there and to the father of my kids.  Hug your babies everyday and appreciate the time that you have with them.  Tim you are making this summer work because of the love you have for Malaika and Liam and I couldn't be happier for you that you get to spend this time with them.

Saturday: 4am wake up for the Sunrise, 10am brunch with friends, 12:30pm vintage cars and pin-up girls, 2pm 4-hr sleep.

Sunday: University of Montana Library, 3pm climb to the M, 6pm Optional talks with Neil at RMSP


One Love!