Week #5 | June 28th - July 4th

It was a short week.  With 4th of July on a Saturday this would be the first of two breaks that we would get.  I was off from Wednesday at 11am to Sunday and although that sounds fantastic it wasn't so great for me.  Here's what happens when you have all of this downtime away from your family, you cannot stop thinking about them which then leads to a lot of crying.  Yup, that's what I did a lot of this weekend.  So for that it wasn't my best weekend here however, I did have one of the best days ever. On Friday night the Howard Family rolled into Missoula and when I met them for dinner there was more crying from the pure joy of seeing them.  On Saturday we spent the day at the river, just enjoying the best company a girl could ask for, as well as us just trying to stay cool.  In the early evening we went to Draught Works Brewery, had some good beer and ok pizza (not from the brewery).  Later Scott helped me with a computer issue and then we were off to watch the fireworks at the Mall - that's what I said, the Mall.  Saying goodbye I held it in but I was sad.  They are a part of what is home for me and knowing that they were leaving me in the morning was well just that, sad.

One Love!