Week 6 | July 5th - 11th

I cannot believe it's taken me this long to tell you about my surprise weekend home.  I had another good week in Missoula and I continued to learn a ton in studio, more about hyperfocal focusing and so much more but I was excited because I would be going home for the weekend and I was like a giddy little girl. Malaika was going to be in her first swim meet and I realized that I had never missed my kids "important firsts" and to me this was an important one.  Plus, I just needed some hugs and kisses from the two people that see me for who I am and who love me unconditionally.

When I first saw them their mouths dropped open, they couldn't believe it.  The first thing Liam says to me is "Mummy, we can get our cuddles".  Yes buddy, we can.  We spent my first day home watching Malaika perform in her first swim meet.  Two 1st for her IM Relay and Freestyle Relay, 5th for her Breast and 6th for her Free.  I couldn't be more proud of her.  She supported her team mates, she swam like a champ and she had fun doing it.

The next day we got to enjoy a little Paulapalooza (an annual party that my neighbour throws) with many live bands, good food and friends.  On Sunday we rode our bikes to the Ballard Seafood Fest with some of my best friends.  Thanks for a fun weekend Seattle.  I miss you all so much but getting back to Missoula at mid-night on Sunday and having a hard time staying awake on Monday was all worth it.

One Love!