Week 7 | July 12th - 18th

At the end of this week we had to show our mid-term slideshows to the entire school.  Everyone had a little over two weeks to have a slideshow of 10 images put together with music.  Your images had to have some sort of a connection (theme, color, portraits, studio, landscapes), you could choose anything.  I decided that I wanted to photograph RMSP staff, outside of their work environment.  As for the rest of the class of 2015, there was some really, really good work.  I wish you could see them all.  I was so proud of everyone but really proud of Group A and the great work that was shown.  I was having trouble loading my slideshow with the music so this is the best I could do for you. This is "Beyond The Green" and the music was "Take Us Out" by Jerry Goldsmith (instrumental) from the movie Rudy

Meet Melanie - Front desk by day, food photographer and blogger by night.

Mike - Lighting/Studio instructor.  Photojournalism is his passion and this guy is all heart.

Tony - Computer everything for RMSP.  Probably one of the nicest, quietest guys I know.  The gym, hikes, the outdoors are all his thing...we're just hoping he gets a puppy ;).

Bob - Administrator and one of the reasons why I am here this summer.  This guy is like the "Mayor" of Missoula.  He'll pour and drink beer with you any day of the week.

Marcy - Visual Studies Instructor.  This woman has the coolest studio , she's so encouraging and can inspire anyone.

These are just a few of the people that make up the school, I wish I could've done this shoot on everyone that works there.  Some of the coolest people you'd meet.  Thanks to all of you this will be a summer I will not forget.

I also got a quick pass through visit from the Howards on Saturday, they are on their way back to Seattle.  Look out 18th Avenue.  And that was a great surprise.

One Love!