Week 8 | July 19 - 25

So Jamaica made history this week by making it to the finals of the 2015 Concacaf Gold Cup.  I will be very busy on Sunday watching them play Mexico.  I'm sending nuff blessings to the Reggae Boyz. Now onto the reason why you all join me here on my blog.  School is only 3 weeks away from ending, can you believe it I'm 3 weeks away from ending the first part of the program.  I've met some really special people and I'd like you to meet just some of the members of group A - some AMAZING people that I will be friends with for a long time.

This week I had the opportunity to work on photographing food in the studio, I loved it!  We were busy in photoshop, learning more about photojournalism, flash, I've thrown in an image from last weeks macro class, a sunrise from Lee Metcalfe, my HDR assignment (the guitar) and of course everyone has been working on or coming up with a plan for their final.  The work never ends.

This weekend I also get to enjoy the company of my sister-in-law, Marie.  She's from Missoula and came back for her high school reunion.  It's nice to have the company of family around.

One Love!