Week 9 | July 26th - August 1st

Well, let's see, what I can tell you about my ninth week in Missoula.  First of all is was a short one, we had our second long weekend and I decided to rent a car to explore a little more of Montana.  However, before we talk about that let us talk about school. I was busy working on my final project (to be revealed very soon) and Marcy talked to us about how to frame and mount for our final.  I learnt about portrait retouching in Photoshop, we went to an amazing location in Bonner for our location shoot for lighting.  Plus we got to hang with Tony R. for a field help in portraits.

For my weekend I rented a car and headed to Bannack Ghost Town.  What a cool place.  It took about three hours to get there (I kept stoping in small towns to take pictures).  Then I spent about three hours in the ghost town and then another three hours driving home, with more stops.  On Sunday I tagged along with Wendy and Mike to check out Phillipsburg, Sapphire mining (found myself a couple small pieces) and then we went to taste testicles.  Although we didn't make it to Testy Festy in time to enjoy the fun they still had balls for us to try-  They weren't anything fantastic but they weren't terrible either.

I wish I had more picture from my Sunday outing with Mike and Wendy.

One Love!