Where in the World Wednesday | Week 21

My husband is correct.  If you noticed his comment at the bottom of week 20 he reminded me that the location for Week 18 was actually San Juan, Puerto Rico.  I guess sometimes I just gotta admit that he's right...but only sometimes, and since we just celebrated our 8th Anniversary, I'll give this one to him. Weeks 19 and 20 celebrate just some of the special times that we've had together over the last eight years.  Week 19 is Mt. Adams from the Plains of Abraham Lava Field on the base of Mt. St. Helens.  This was a hike Tim and I took long before having kids.  I miss that time but I also look forward to doing hikes just like this one with them.  Week 20 is probably obvious to most of you, it's the beautiful and one of the most fascinating places I've visited.  It's the Colosseum in Rome.  This was on our honeymoon where we spent two weeks visiting 6 cities in 4 countries.

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