Where in the World Wednesday | Week 26

Week 25 is The Seattle Great Wheel, a great addition to our city.  The views are amazing and I think worth at least one ride.  I'd actually like to go up again, but this time I'd like to take a spin in the wheel at night, maybe around the holidays.  I promise to take pictures. Ok so would you believe me if I told you that I'm 1/2 way through this 52 week project.  I'm impressed that I've kept up with it this long.  I may have missed the Wednesday post but I haven't missed a week, *patting myself on back*.  What this means is that we are that much closer to another Christmas season and celebrating 2014, crazy - right?  Well I'm changing things up a bit.  I've noticed no one is guessing or making comments on the blog so I've decided to give you the image and the location all in the same blog. I hope you just have fun reading about these fun places that I get to visit.

Enjoy Week 26.  This is the Kubota Gardens, a beautiful oasis in Seattle.

Walk Good!